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The Seventh Cut  by  James Elkmann

The Seventh Cut by James Elkmann
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Ever felt sorry for a serial killer? Sounds a bizarre concept - but youll find in this excellent work of fiction that you do become dangerously close to this emotion - as well as many others. What differentiates the normal psyche from that of the warped savage, brutal and ritual killer?

Elkmann almost sympathetically guides you through the maze of Ray Broughtons complicated thought processes and the characters own reasoning for his actions. Ray could be the vicitmised child that we all knew at school, pricking the readers conscience as to the long-term effects of his own childish behaviour. The flip-side of the coin is the ever ambitious Andy Worsfold, in his all-out effort to reach the top and be the local boy-who-made-good, has somehow sacrificed the importance of his own personal life.

This in particular to be sacrificed at all cost to catch the greatest fish of all. Both characters are very strongly defined with their own goals to attain before their own perceived time runs out, each with their own price to pay. What is certainly new and distinctively refreshing is an author who can give personal insight into the behind the scenes daily workings of the Police Force in these particular crimes, that as readers we all want to know - without the usual glossing over and omissions in other novels, also the biggest and probably best point of this book is the author does not fall into the usual trap of the obvious, telegraphed and predictable finish.

This book will lead you up the garden path, and all the way back again - almost leaving your nerves in shreds. You wont need all of your seat to read this book - just the edge of it!!!!

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